Our Vision 

Improving Lives, Impacting Communities

Our Mission

To demonstrate God’s love through person-centred care services to support the needs of the elderly, disadvantaged individuals and families in Chinatown and beyond.

Our Core Values
God's Love- Expressing God's love through humility, care and compassion.
Respect- Showing respect for everyone regardless of gender, race, language, nationality, or religion in all circumstances.
Affirmation- Building resiliency by supporting and encouraging individuals in their life journey
Commitment- Being faithful and reliable in upholding the Vision and Mission of Yong-en Care Centre and in our service to the community
Excellence- Serving one another with diligence, innovation and professionalism

Our History - Fairfield Methodist Church & Yong-en Care Centre

The church was started in 1948 at the Fairfield Methodist Girls’ School premises, then located along Neil Road. Founding members of the church have always considered a calling from God to serve the community in Chinatown. In the early 80’s, the school was given an attractive offer by the government to relocate to Dover Road. But the church decided to remain in Chinatown to continue to serve this community.

The destiny seemed to be sealed in 1986 when the church relocated to its current "home" at 1 Tanjong Pagar Road. Situated in the heart of Chinatown, the needs of the local community became very real to the church. In response, many small groups of members started their little “acts of kindness”; distributing food and gifts to the elderly residents, providing free tuition classes to needy students, giving bursaries to the neighbourhood schools to help the needy families, and celebrating seasonal festivals with lonely elderly folks.

The church subsequently decided to have a more concerted effort to provide community service for Chinatown, which resulted in taking ownership of Yong-en Care Centre. Yong-en Care Centre was registered as a charitable organization with the Registry of Societies in 1996, independent of the church and governed by its own constitution and has its own members. It remains affiliated to the church, which Yong-en relies as a strong supply of financial and manpower support. Yong-en is also dependent on support from the public to continue its services to the community.

Yong-en Care Centre at Chinatown Complex

Through the support from Dr. Richard Hu, Minister of Finance & MP for Kreta Ayer-Tanglin GRC at that time, Yong-en Care Centre was granted a lease at the void space above the Chinatown Complex commercial block. At the Centre’s Official Opening, he expressed his pleasure at seeing Yong-en Care Centre working closely with the Kreta Ayer Senior Activity Centre, another major voluntary welfare organisation. Indeed, it is with the local community’s interest at heart that all these have happened.

It is hoped that the establishment of the Centre would help the Chinatown community (particularly senior citizens) to enjoy a greater sense of bonding and find help in times of need.