4 September 1996 

  Registered as a Society with Registry of Society 

 21 October 1997 

  Registered as Charity 

 May 1998 

  Member of NCSS

 May 2000 

  Construction of Yong-en Care Centre
  premises in Chinatown

1 January 2001 

  Awarded  IPC Status 

 May 2001 

  Launched of Preventive Health Care Service

 November 2002 

  Launched of Dementia Day Care Service

 April 2004 

  Launched of Kids, Teens and Family Service

 December 2007 

  Launched of Counselling, Social and Referral Service

 March 2012 

  Closure of Preventive Health Care 

 May 2012 

  Closure of Home Help, Kids, Teens and Family Service

 June 2012 

  Launched of Home Care Service

 January 2013 

  Begin of Home Medical Service